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The Right Minds Program hopes to educate our youth about the countless opportunities available for them to focus on their creative strengths. A proper introduction to design and other creative activities spreads awareness towards different creative practices and how they are applied in real world scenarios.  

now introducing our

Bright Minds Book !!

our booklet engages users in 3 steps:

1.Strengths & Interests

The purpose of our zine is to identify individual strengths and interests of our participants in order to draw connections between their thinking and design styles because not everyone thinks the same way

2.Interactive Prompts

Our booklet challenges creative thought by using open ended prompts that are tailored towards the interests of our readers through getting to learn about them

3.Creative Opportunities

Our efforts are to spark an interest in some of the creative opportunities our world has to offer and give our readers purpose to their creative interests

which side of your brain is more dominant?

The left and right sides of our brain perform similar functions to help us with our motor functions but when it comes to how we go about problems they work in different ways. The left side of our brains oversee logical functions like analyzing small details of reading, writing, and making calculations. Our priority in the Right Minds Program is to focus on the right side of the brain which is used for visual details and intuition.

Modern day science has started to focus more on the functionality of the right side of the brain after studies on the brain's dependency on the right of the brain when the left side is impaired. Traditional education programs and practices focus on the functionality of the left side of the brain with logical problem solving. This can lead to exhaustion in the left hemisphere. Practicing new skills can help build stronger signals in the right hemisphere.

Our long-term goal is to transfer those interests into a reason to visit nearby resources and apply their creative thinking skills alongside their logical thinking


resources + gallery

  • Art Supplies
  • The Idea Store
    125 Lincoln Square, Urbana, IL
    (217) 352-7878
  • Art Coop, Inc
    150 Lincoln Square, Urbana, IL
    (217) 352-4562
  • Printing Resources
  • Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab
    1301 South Goodwin Avenue Art Annex 2, Urbana, IL
    (217) 265-5342
  • Other Sites
  • Youth Design Center
    Youth Design Center is a youth creative agency and innovation hub providing a gateway for young people to learn marketable hard skills in STEAM, access post-secondary education, achieve economic mobility, and engage in place-based community revitalization.
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