Baby Bottom Packaging & Branding

The initial steps of my branding process were creating personas of potential customers and thinking of common experiences before, during and after interacting with our product. This is to make an adaptable product and account for the intersection of common inconveniences that a variety of Gen Z users would experience. My direction of this brand identity was to make a multi colored design system to ease the search of diaper sizes for busy young parents. From there we started forming sketches of a brand that would visually block out logos and elements and thinking about how they work together to make a clear and helpful package design.

My intentions of this logo was to make a design that felt soft and welcoming for new parents to not feel intimidated to use our product. A big concern of mine was to find any  way to inform the consumer at every opportunity. As a young parent I imagine the process of learning about parenthood has a large learning curve.

In the final packaging design I wanted to make a clear of colorful design that is distinguishable at a distance on store shelves. Along with recognition I made the packages differentiate in color to further help make different sizes of our product recognizable from far.

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